The parents of Sam Spady are hoping that the death of their 19 year old daughter will not be in vain.  They are hoping you will talk to your children, know their friends and, most importantly, teach them the dangers of binge drinking.
Cheshire Coalition to Stop Underage Drinking Update:
Cheshire Coalition to Stop Underage Drinking
For more information contact: Cheshire Youth & Social Services at
271-6690 or Visit the Cheshire Youth and Social Service Web-site
DID YOU KNOW?  According to the 2008 Cheshire Youth Risky Behavior Survey 57% of 11th & 12th graders reported binge drinking in the past 30 days.  10% reported being very drunk more than 40 times in their life. 
DID YOU KNOW? 1 in 5 teens will abuse prescription drugs by the time they graduate high school.  What can you do to help? Read more at
DID YOU KNOW?  Those 7th & 8th graders who reported drinking also reported spending the most time at friends' houses? ( from 2008 Cheshire Youth Survey)
Recent Articles and Information from the CCSUD Newsletter:

(New)There is the common misperception that youth drinking is far more under control in Europe than here which is not the case - See Article

CHS students caught with Cocaine -  According to police Lieutenant Jay Markella, a hall monitor saw the youths sitting in a car in the parking lot of the high school. - Read Article

Facebook:Glastonbury family who hosted an underage drinking party and pictures on Facebook from the event lead to arrests and charges Read Article the latest entry in the lexicon of food-related ills. It is shorthand for a disturbing blend of behaviors: self-imposed starvation or bingeing and purging, combined with alcohol abuse.  Read More

        Energy Drinks and Caffeine Intoxication - One Hundred Scientists and physicians have written a letter to the Food and Drug Administration asking for more regulation of increasingly popular energy drinks Read More
Alcohol Awareness Week                2009
The Cheshire Human Service Committee in cooperation with
The Cheshire Coalition to Stop Underage Drinking will observe our 3rd annual Alcohol Awareness Week April 20-25, 2009
    Dodd Middle School Students:
  Design a Logo or Create a Slogan for
           Alcohol Awareness Week
Winning Design and Slogans Will Be Used to                                      Promote
  Alcohol Awareness and The Prevention of             Underage Drinking in Cheshire During Alcohol         Awareness Week,  April 20 – April 25, 2009
                            See Flyer

Cheshire Human Service Committee - Alcohol Awareness and             the  Prevention of Underage Drinking         
Cheshire Chamber Of Commerce - Annual Home, Garden & Business Expo
                            Saturday, April 4, 2009   Cheshire High School

*Decorate Bags to be distributed by local liquor stores during  the week
* Orange Ribbon Campaign - Place orange ribbon on all the door knobs in the High School
* Make business cards for the tux rental businesses.
Students will choose from a variety of designs that
have been made by the officers.

Monday:  Advisory will talking about personal responsibility and how they are therefore responsible for others around them

Advisory classes are going to write their names of pieces of paper which will be made into a long chain to display around the building

Tuesday: They are placeing orange hand prints all over
the walls

Wednesday Tie orange ribbons to all the door knobs in the building

Thursday:  public announcements will be made over the intercom

Friday is the extrication for the Jr class.'s prom night
Third annual Dodd Middle School Logo and Slogan Contest Winners Chosen
The winning Logos and Slogan from the Cheshire Human Service Committee's Alcohol Awareness Week Logo Contest were selected on Tuesday, March 3, 2009 by members of the Human Service Alcohol Awareness Week Sub-Committee.
Close to 35 Dodd Middle School students participated in the contest.
With so many impressive and creative entries, the committee opted for one logo and two slogans.
The winners were each be awarded a $50.00 Westfield Mall gift certificate.
Winning Design and Slogans will be used to promote Alcohol Awareness and The Prevention of Underage Drinking in Cheshire during Alcohol Awareness Week, April 20-25, 2009.
All of the entires are on display at the Cheshire Public Library.
Pictured Left to right: Winners of the Dodd Middle School 3rd annual Alcohol Awareness Logo/Slogan Contest; Emily McAndrew, Rebecca Nguyen and Maggie Senft
The students designs will be used to promote Alcohol Awareness and the Prevention of Underage Drinking during Alcohol Awareness Week. Two Honorable Mention designs by Brooke Mommsen and Rita Gus are posted below..
Honorable Mention - Brooke Mommsen - Click for Larger View
Honorable Mention - Rita Gus - Click for Larger View
Alcohol's effect on young brains to be discussed CHESHIRE - Christopher Brown believes that parents are part of the solution rather than part of the problem when it comes to underage drinking. - Read Full Article

Coalition to Stop Underage Drinking Community Meeting - May 7th, 2009 at 7pm in Council Chambers.  Gary Lapidus from the Injury Prevention Unit of CT Children's Medical Center will present on "Reducing the Risk to Teen Drivers"  All are welcome to attend!
All are welcome – Refreshments will be served
  Parents are encouraged to bring their children!

Interactive Educational Theatre, Inc. is a non-profit       501-(c)(3) organization specializing in social issue         education.  The theatre has traveled across New           England and throughout the country performing for       elementary, middle and high schools, colleges and      universities, correctional facilities and other                  community organizations. With the use of humor
and drama through improvisational theatre                   techniques, we address difficult issues by creating a     comfortable learning environment for our audiences.   The actors set up commonplace scenarios that the        audience might encounter and together they work        toward possible solutions. All shows are age-
For More Information on the group:
Interactive Educational Theatre

See Flyer

Look for eco friendly bags at stores you patronize with logos designed by a Dodd Middle School student

Check out our display of books and the Dodd Students Logo and Slogan Contect entires at the Cheshire Public Library

Look around town for lawn signs with slogans created by Dodd Middle School students
The Cheshire Human Service Committee's Alcohol Awareness
Week sub-committee members at the Chamber of Commerce Business Expo.
On Display are: Lawn Signs that will be posted around town during Alcohol Awareness Week. The Slogans printed on the signs were writen by the winners of our third annual Slogan/Logo Contest at Dodd Middle School. The  "vendor" bags complete with winning Logo will be available free of charge from many local vendors around Cheshire during Alcohol Awareness Week.
    A Parent Informational Meeting
Tuesday, April 28, 2009 at 7:00 p.m.
  Cheshire High School Auditorium
         525 South Main Street
More Information

Acting Duo Help Educate About Alcohol And Drug Abuse
Acting as the Marlboro Man, performer Daniel Kelly showed off how “cool” he could look as he pretended to smoke a cigarette.
Then, as Kelly began to cough and wheeze in front of the audience, he admitted that smoking and being “cool” was just a myth and portrayed the reality of a lifetime of smoking.
The message was clear.
On April 23, the Interactive Educational Theatre came to Cheshire to share information on the risks of smoking and abusing alcohol. The Cheshire Coalition To Stop Underage Drinking sponsored the performance as part of the annual Alcohol Awareness Week in Cheshire
Read More.